Think About Yahoo Sport Software for Your Mail Sending

Yahoo has just announced its list of the best Websites software in the U.K. as has been its custom for the past few years. Every year one of the world’s most popular search engines compiles a list of the best, most useful and innovative websites software in the United Kingdom and separates them into eight different categories including travel and education. It has been doing so for the past five years.

The distinction of the most ethical website for ’07 went to Good Samaritan website called The Nag. This website sends its users an e-mail everyday telling them to do good deeds.

Quite the electronic do-good

There also happens to be an Orkut or Facebook equivalent for our canine friends. A site called Doggy Snaps lets dog owners the world over get in touch with each other. It won the best social networking site prize. Like Facebook it also allows users to put up pictures and other information about their dogs.

The category for educational site was topped by an innovative site that lets people get in touch with pen pals on the internet and learn new languages through chats.

Faces in Places won the award for the best site in the Weird and Wonderful category. This website allows users to upload and hosts pictures of faces and things in everyday life.

For people who are looking for help while moving and need some advice on how to relocate, what to do with correspondence and other such issues there was Move Me which was adjudged the most innovative site of the year.

For globe trotters and those who like taking holidays often World Reviewer provided great and absolutely accurate reviews of places all over the globe. It won the best travel site category. Check it out the next time you plan a family holiday.

Nigel’s Eco Store sells goods made from recycled material and other such Eco-friendly products and so Yahoo decided that it would win the best shopping website award.

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