The History of Computer Programming

M & M Programming was established on February. The company is owned and operated by Molly & Daryl Masters. The company provides many types of computer and office support services. Daryl and Molly have a combined total of 40 years’ experience with computers and various peripherals.

Together they have a total of 25 years programming experience. Most of their experience and training was obtained during their years as employees with Xerox Corporation. Molly’s with the Louisville, Kentucky district and Daryl’s from Akron, Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, and San Francisco districts.

Daryl and Molly were awarded the Malcolm bald ridge National Quality Award by the Indianapolis District of the Xerox Corporation for achievements in streamlining information management. Daryl received eight years of training in Quality Concepts, Work Group Strategies, and Inter- Personal Skills, and then trained other employees in these concepts during his tour with Xerox.

As a result of this training, M & M Programming, Inc. has used Quality, Inter-Personal Skills, and Empowered Work Group Strategy training with several local companies and has included these strategies in the services offered to local businesses.

M & M Programming, Inc. supports Microsoft, Fantastic and Nov-ell network systems locally. Both Daryl and Molly were trained on and supported the Ethernet system with Xerox. M & M Programming, Inc.’s main goal is to continue to grow in its support of local and surrounding communities.

When Daryl and Molly first founded M & M Programming, They worked out of their home in Brad fords vile, KY.  As the need for the business by the surrounding community grew, they rented space on Main Street in Lebanon, KY.

The need grew even greater for the business, and, Daryl and Molly bought the Nifty Building, located on North Spading Avenue.  The two have renovated the building, keeping the center offices (pictured above) for them and renting out the other two offices and three apartments upstairs.

Jane Bell owns and operates Bell’s Gallery at 108 North’s Spading.  She sells original art and art prints, as well as African-American related items.  Most of Jane’s business comes from her custom matting and framing that she provides to her customers.

The Brady’s run Harmon’s Jewelers at 112 North Spading.  They offer fine jewelry and jewelry repair, as well as lamps, fine crystal and other items for your home.

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