The Catalan Generality Allocates 50,000 Euros to Free Software Projects

The Department of Government and Public Administration, through the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society, has opened the call for grants for free software projects, aimed at entities that develop free software projects and are interested in scholarship students who collaborate in development, documentation, translation and adaptation of free software. This call will be developed in two phases.

In the first, the entities that are developing free software projects will have to present their projects and the tasks in which the students are interested. Each entity will have to assign a mentor who will be in charge of guarding and guiding the execution of the student’s work. Applications will be evaluated based on the criteria that are at the basis of the call.

In the second phase, the projects presented by the entities will be delivered to the students so that they can choose those most related to their activities, after being advised by the mentor of the corresponding entity. Once the decision is made, the student will have to send their request to the entity responsible for the project.

The grants will be awarded in the form of scholarships with a maximum of 3 per project and proportionally to the number of applications for applicants received. Up to 20 scholarships of € 2500 are available, which will be distributed among the applicant projects.

Of this maximum amount per scholarship, 80% will be for scholarship students (€ 2000) and 20% for the mentor (€ 500) that the entity assigns to the guardianship of the development of the work. Each mentor can take care of a maximum of three students.

The secretary of Telecommunications and Information Society, Jodi Bosch, said that “with this call we want to continue supporting free software projects, emphasizing the collaboration between specialized entities and students, to provide maximum efficiency for the results of their jobs”.

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