The Benefits of Using a Content Management System for Website Development

Are you in need of developing a new website or revamping your current website? If so, you would have come across a whole array of different options for its development. For example, you would have heard of content management systems (CMS) and custom coded websites. What is the difference between the two? Which should you go for?

If you are feeling confused thus far, fear not for in this article, we will be covering both of these development methods. 

Custom Coded Websites

Traditionally, websites were painstakingly programmed line by line by coders. This meant that by and large, no two websites were ever the same. Instead, while they may have the same appearance and function, based on the coder’s practice, they might differ drastically in terms of their back end code. 

Additionally, a natural barrier was enacted around websites. Non-coders were simply incapable of even creating a basic web page since they were completely unfamiliar with coding. Furthermore, where there was an error, coders had to scan line by line to determine where the logic had failed. This led to long development times that 

Content Management Systems

Given the difficulties of creating a custom coded website, over time enterprising programmers created content management systems. These products contained simple user-centric interfaces that allowed non-programmers to create basic websites. Furthermore, it empowered website designers to quickly create the foundation of web pages, thus shortening the development time required.

Content management systems by and large employ a modular or sectional concept. As such, sections could be duplicated with modified with ease. This allows for quick agile testing which greatly benefited the overall final quality of the website. 

However, a downside of content management systems beyond the price charged would be the limit on the level of customisation that a web designer may implement. The theme chosen by the designer may not allow for him or her to create the exact appearance or animation that the business had in mind. 

Choosing WordPress as your Content Management System

WordPress is a highly popular CMS in the world. Used by more than one-third of all websites, it boasts many themes that a web designer can use to grant a quick and accurate start to the website’s development. 

Furthermore, WordPress is complimented by a whole array of plugins and supported third-party integrations. These allow for websites to have various functions such as ticketing or maps. 

The Benefit of Hiring a Web Design Agency

The benefits of hiring web design Singapore services cannot be understated when you are creating your website. While CMS has simplified the development process, however on it own, several limitations are inherent to it. As such, having a web designer who is able to manually inject custom codes on top of the fast and ready built CMS themes would create the ideal situation for your business. 

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