The Awesome Features of New Facebook Groups on Social Media

Have you started a new Facebook group yet?

Unfortunately you can’t take an old group and convert it to the new group format. (No word yet from Facebook on if they will ever let that happen or if it’s coming down the pipe)  I’ve been playing around with them for about a month now and wanted to share 3 of the best features of the new Facebook group.  Note that any new groups created from here on out will be created as this type of new group.

Group Chat

Now you can chat with the members of your group real time before you could chat with people one-on-one. Now in a group you can chat with all the members of the group who are logged in to Facebook at one time!  This is a great way to schedule an added bonus Q&A session for your group members or just connect with them in a more intimate way whenever you are in the group.

Document Sharing

While this feature in and of itself is a major step forward…doing get too excited. This feature is really like a fancy notepad that group members are allowed to collectively edit Great way to keep track of group members private contact information.

Update Group by Email

This feature allows any group member (can be changed by administrator) to share content with the group via email.  So for Free Social Media Help’s New Facebook Group members can add content by emailing free social media help groups on face book. Content emailed to the group is shown in each members news feed.

Most of the rest of the features of the old version of groups is still the same. In a Facebook group you can still post pictures, video, & events.  The only difference I see is that there is no discussion area.

I’d love for you to join us on our new Free Social Media Help Facebook Group.  Come join us and get some experience in the functionality of the new Facebook groups.

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