Stop Fighting the Environment in Marketing

I have seen their advertisement on network television frequently over the last week or so and their marketing pitch to convert you from reusing a traditional hand towel (at home) to using their new disposable hand towels is that “hands are only as clean as the towel that dries them.” Well, I probably agree with that but environmentally, they’re bucking the system and my bets are on the system!

I’ll admit it, I’m not the “greenest” person in the world (although working on it) but even the voice in MY head screamed “HELLO???? Isn’t my traditional hand towel that I can wash over and over with my energy star (yes, I do have an energy star) washer/dryer better for the environment? This was my first reaction (and obviously a strong enough one to blog about it).

This entry isn’t about what’s green and what’s not. It’s more about strategic marketing. What is strategic marketing? In the end, it’s about business growth – selling product/services – growing the bottom line. A lot goes into the formula for strategic marketing including environmental influences of the products and/or services that I’m marketing for my clients.

Environmental influences are huge and cannot be ignored! Case in point: I have a pharmaceutical client that wanted their sales reps to gain more face time with doctors to increase prescriptions for a particular drug line. After some obvious and not so obvious research, I told them straight up it wasn’t going to happen.

Docs are making less and less money and have less and less time and are paying more and more in insurance all while increasing their patient visits to make up for it their losses. And it was only getting worse. These are clearly environmental influence rs that are impacting their audience.

Even the best chat sky or incentives (which are highly regulated now) wouldn’t get the reps face time. But what we did find out as result of a survey we distributed to sales reps and docs was that the “best incentive” by far was a medical textbook.

So instead of bucking the environmental influences in our strategic marketing campaign, like Kleenex is doing against the “green” movement, we embraced it. We invited Docs to attend webinars (on their own time) in return for free drug samples and a medical textbook of their choice. It was a FABULOUS success. So, while we didn’t get what the client originally ordered – face time – we did grow the bottom line and that’s what strategic marketing is!

Kleenex would love to hear from you! You’re a huge company with super smart marketers. Please tell me how you’re justifying your product that is the opposite of green with your strategic marketing approach that even set off bells and whistles in my “less green/SUV driving” head. Tell me how I’m wrong!

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