Multimedia Linux Lands on the Ubuntu-users Planet

In the near future selected articles of the multimedia-Linux will appear. As a reason I would like to say a few words about the welcome and the presentation.

First of all: As a freshman in the blogger area, it is really good to have been received so warmly and with many tips on the Ubuntu user’s planet. Thanks a lot for this!

Ubuntu users Planet

What can one expect from the direction of this multimedia? 

In short, the focus aim to increase the multimedia of any inclined reader in the creative open source space so more Politicking and colorful for the planet, something like new curtains and bells and whistles on the digital window sill do not be scared. I have no instructions for installing the latest screensaver. Rather, I present programs for media processing in the audio, video, photo, etc. Video tutorials and more detailed descriptions are planned for the future.

Dear Silly Walks, as pressed in conformity

Of course I would like to introduce myself. My name is Klaus. Computers have always been to me (c64 – time) wonder machines with which to do creative things Creative in the sense of graphics and music. Of course I was inspired by the many games that brought the existing hardware (beyond the specified features) to its limits.

What fascinated me back then has remained until today? 

Whether I used to paint a picture with GOES or create 3 D animations with Blender today, whether I composed with Octane on Amiga or Demise today. The topic has not lost in appeal. Linux, in my case, I use, drum roll, now comes the outing, the current Ubuntu with Unity, which gives me the opportunity to be creative.

I am allowed to be creative by using existing software to solve problems. Sometimes I vary between aesthetics and efficiency, but tend to choose efficiency more.

Why is not Apple my thing? Swipe twice, click three times, hack together and the mobile phone, pad, computer will do what you want. – With limitations – Apple is really great with its technology, even in terms of intuitive interfaces. (Please do not understand this as a call to the Flame war; here I just want to describe why I want to write here!)

It is ideal if the given functions suffice if you want to walk the usual way in the same way. If the worst thing for you is to “run a changing system” – then you can bite into the bullet. However, this approach would severely restrict me.

OK, maybe I could live without one or the other. If I had to prescribe, which programs, file formats, interfaces or web formats I can or must use? What if I am deprived of many creative possibilities with various restrictions? I want to be able to screw on “my” system. Or at least have the feeling that I do that.

This feeling gives me Linux

Despite free software, these possibilities cost something. And time to deal with open source. If you take that in, it can be really fun, the way it is with me. But this topic should not be expanded now. Please forgive me for my scriptural incontinence.

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