Good for You, Your Readers With Search Engines Software

Edit-X Content Control Framework can simplify online publishing, provide unparalleled flexibility, create tremendous archival depth, and provide the tools necessary to increase and analyze your publication’s site traffic. Edit-X does all of this while being extremely cost effective, secure and reliable.

Setup is a Breeze

Deploy your Content Management or e Commerce System in hours rather than months. There is no need to re-launch your entire Web site when using Edit-X, and you may use it within any section of the site. Start with one frequently updated section of your site and continue to integrate Edit-X in other sections over time. Once deployed, editors can add, modify and delete content on a site quickly, making it more accurate and up-to-date.

Fast Intuitive Interface

Edit-X is simple to use for both Web developers and Web editors. Using Edit-X’s pre-installed Custom Components, developers can rapidly integrate sections of a Web site into Edit-X and get a team up and running immediately. And, there is no need for a developer to learn a new programming language to deploy Edit-X.

Web editors can enter content without any knowledge of HTML. With its browser-based interface and what-you-see-is-what-you-get WYSIWYG editor, Edit-X sets a new standard for simplicity when it comes to editing and managing content for a Web site. Anyone can master Edit-X.

Up-to-date Content

Access your Content Management or e Commerce System from anywhere on the Internet. Edit-X seamlessly integrates into any part of any Web site, no matter where it is hosted. Add or approve content on the site using a Web browser, and save time with updates. Using patent-pending technology, developers can relinquish control over content without sacrificing the site’s design.


Edit-X is client/server database-driven software. The “client” is any web browser, such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer. This means publishers do not need to install any special software, and can control and manage sites via their everyday browser.

They can even edit live pages, change headlines, bylines, and add copy within their web browser, eliminating the need to download files or learn HTML. This simplicity of control not only reduces human error, it eliminates costly training while granting editors and writers direct involvement with quality control.


Edit-X can literally produce any style of publication on the web, including sites like C| Net, Weekly Wire, Slate, Salon or any hybrid or mutation imaginable. Production is achieved by using fully customization templates and dynamic content that plugs into the Edit-X database. The templates can be edited at any time, and can include images, HTML, JavaScript, Edit-X tags, macros, and all browser-based future technologies.

Depth and Traffic Enhancement

Edit-X software has always embraced the importance of archived content as a critical element of increasing traffic. The Edit-X program is designed to enable relationships based on authors, artists, keywords, articles, subjects, sections, story types, dates, page positions, column threads and other relationships specific to your site’s needs.

The result is a highly connected site that utilizes every article within a publication’s history. These connections allow for your readers to easily explore infinite reader paths, resulting in increased overall site traffic.

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