Burr the Water is Cold in Multimedia

In March, there was a black day for ferry shipping. The “Herald of Free Enterprise” left the Belgian port of Debugger with the Bogon open and capsized after a few minutes.

Although the relief teams soon after were on the scene, only a few passengers, who had fallen into the icy water, could be saved.

Experiments with volunteers in a cold water tank hoped for further information. US researchers at the Institute of Naval Medicine in Ga-sport, Hampshire found the answer: The sudden onset of cold shock when submerged in the water leads to knee-jerk hyperventilation – compulsive rapid breathing with appropriate water swallowing and ultimately the drowning death.

Ever installed a Linux distribution and eventually, after a long time impropriety, disappointed the towel? What was the reason? Was the system unstable or slow? Did the virus attacks outnumber you? Was not there an attractive surface? What was the reason that you gave up “this time” or that you just could not get along?

Maybe it just hitched up to the preparation? That’s what this part of the article series is about:

Switching to Multimedia Linux Part 8 – Burr, the water is cold

Trying out something new, especially new technology may cause stress. Of course you can spare your nerves and continue to use the traditional. A task would certainly not trigger a sudden death. Rather, the topic of Linux, and that is the keyword, for a once died.

However, many would miss out on many new and useful options, as in the case of our theme, as well as some performance.

I do it or I do not

Doctors in general warn of shock-like cooling. They recommend that you temper the water if possible or, in order to get used to the water, the body slightly moistened with water and thus gives the resulting evaporation cold the opportunity to bring the circulation slowly up. The situation is similar with the habituation to new technology.

For example, programmers know about the problem of the Linux beginner, who wants a simple and intuitive interface. They have a duty to make the possibilities of their own system as varied as possible, but not to ignore the simplicity of use. If possible, this should be similar to the already known.

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